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Edibles that hit the right SPOT

Regardless of your opinion on cannabis types, plant genetics and their associated effects, one thing is for sure: the nuance of cannabis flower has been communicated loud and clear.

But what about edibles?

An educated stoner might tell you that the question is irrelevant. That your liver, which is responsible for breaking down THC in your body, cannot tell the difference between a Sativa brownie or a Hybrid cookie or an Indica chocolate.

But the same goes for smoking flower.

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Top 5 Sugar-Free & Low-Carb Edibles

Edibles are awesome! Tasty, sweet, tart, or crunchy… no matter what form they take, edibles are a fun (and discreet) way to get loose and have a good time.

But what if you’re trying to lose weight? Or if your diet doesn’t allow you to eat foods that are high in sugar?

Not to worry, you’re not alone. A lot of the budtenders at Hashtag have dietary restrictions just like you. But we don’t let it keep us from having a good time!

In fact, Hashtag carries a wide variety of low-carb and sugar-free edibles.

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