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Always have a very positive experience here at Hashtag on Stoneway. Usually order online and make a quick pick-up (5% off simply by ordering online), but, I know when I am wanting to try something new I can comfortably go in and chat with someone experienced and will walk out with a great recommendation! The staff are great here!
— Emma T.
This store is ideal for the cannabis connoisseur who would like to look at their weed before they buy it. At this shop they let you view every weed, and walk around and browse all of the merchandise. You also always get full attention from a budtender while you browse, once you’ve waited in line and been greeted. I prefer this method of buying bud.
— Zakkry E.
Fun. The bud tenders can steer you to what you want. Ask a budtender for the kind of experience you’d like. Something for anxiety or depression? Something to help you sleep? you want something to make you extra happy ? They’ll steer you the right way.
— CC
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