Best Of Summer 2018

summer 2018 cannabis pot and weed products

By Jeff Eckenrode

Summer is almost here! Long, sun-soaked days and cool, starry nights are on the horizon. Not to mention dozens of new strains and cannabis products to choose from! So, what should you be smoking this summer? What tasty edibles or cartridges should you bring to the picnic or BBQ?

Your favorite Hashtag budtenders have been hard at work “researching” the newest and hottest strains and products to hit the Washington market. We’ve smoked, eaten, vaped, and giggled ourselves silly to find the very best products you can find this summer.

And whether you’re looking to climb a mountain or an armchair this summer, we’ve got just the thing to help make your adventures fun & memorable.

Here are Hashtag’s must-try products for summer 2018!

Peaches & Diesel by Sweetwater Farms

Peaches and Diesel Sweetwater Farms cannabis weed pot strain

This tasty sativa hybrid is a staff favorite and a great choice for summer get-togethers. A cross of Strawberry Cough and NYC Diesel, Peaches & Diesel’s giggly & spacy effects are the perfect pick for backyard BBQs and Friday night shenanigans. It’s fun, bright, and flavorful, just like summer!

Mr. Moxey’s Mints


Available in a variety of flavors, including peppermint and cinnamon, Mr. Moxey’s Mints are a great option for aspiring yogis and mountain-climbing daredevils alike. These melt-proof mints are a welcome addition to your backpack stash and will leave you feeling calm, focused, and ready for adventure!

Flow Gel by Fairwinds

Summer cannabis products Fairwinds Flow Gel Topical

If you’re already feeling sore from your adventures, then boy, do we have the right stuff for you! Flow Gel by Fairwinds is a cosmetic gel-based topical that requires no rubbing or massaging to use. Just smear it on a sore muscle or an aching joint, and let it soak in. The effects last for hours and will have you feeling at ease in no time!

Shangri-la Wax by Sticky Budz

Summer 2018 cannabis concentrate sticky budz

This popular honeycomb wax is a potent and tasty concentrate (and one of our best sellers, too)! Its mellow body effects come on slow and are accompanied by a clear and uplifting head high. It’s the perfect choice for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs or dabbers looking to unwind and relax.

Live Resin Pax Pods by Dabstract

Summer 2018 Cannabis Dabstract Pod weed vape

One of the newest products to hit our shelves, Dabstract’s new Live Resin Pods for the Pax Era are a sure pick for fun in the sun. These powerhouse cartridges are sleek, easy-to-use, and reliable. Not to mention one of the smoothest cartridges money can buy! Whether you’re new to vape cartridges or have enjoyed them for years, Live Resin Pax Pods from Dabstract are a solid choice.