How to Make Cannabis Infused Butter

For the purpose of this recipe, I’ll be using a ratio of one pound of butter to one ounce of cannabis. You can cut the cannabis in half if you would like a more mild experience, or cut the butter in half for a more intense experience.


Step 1: Grind your cannabis  

First, get an ounce of weed! Hashtag has $99 ounces from Empire Cannabis that you can buy and grind yourself, or you can start with shake or trim to cut down the amount of time you spend grinding your weed. The goal is to create as much surface area as possible to ensure the maximum amount of THC is being activated.


Step 2: Prepare for decarboxylating

Decarboxylating (AKA decarbing) your cannabis is essential to making quality edibles. When heat is applied to THC-A, it converts into THC, its psychoactive form. Pre-heat your oven.  I recommend decarboxylating at 220 degrees for about 50 minutes. Put down some aluminum foil on a baking sheet, and spread your cannabis on the pan.


Step 3:  Decarboxylation

Once your oven is heated to the desired temperature, pop in your baking sheet with your cannabis. This will make your dwelling reek of pot. If possible, have your windows open for ventilation. When your cannabis is done decarbing, it will be in its active form and ready to be infused.


Step 4: Prep your slow-cooker

Set your Crock Pot or slow-cooker to low. Add your butter and about 2 cups of water. The amount of water doesn’t have to be precise since it will be eventually separated from the butter. The water is to keep your butter from burning while infusing.


Step 5: Infusion

Once your butter has melted, stir in your cannabis. For best results, you will want to let your butter infuse with the cannabis for at least 8 hours. I personally let it infuse for 12-15 hours. Add a fresh cup of water every 4-5 hours to keep it from burning, and stir every 1-2 hours.  This part will also make your entire home smell like weed.


Step 6: Straining

Once you’ve let your butter/cannabis mixture infuse in the slow-cooker for at least 8 hours and up to 12 or 15 hours, turn off the slow cooker to let your mixture cool for about an hour.  While it is cooling, prep a bowl, strainer, and cheesecloth for straining. Once the mixture cools off enough to touch, begin pouring it through the cheesecloth and strainer. Try to avoid getting any plant material in your butter while you strain.


Step 7: Cooling

After you have strained your mixture into a bowl or other container, simply place it in the refrigerator overnight. The butter will separate and solidify on top of the water. Simply cut off the butter from the top of the container, and begin baking. Just use your infused butter however you would use normal butter.