Edibles that hit the right SPOT


By Jeff Eckenrode

Most people have an expectation of what they want out of their cannabis experience. And more often than not, this expectation motivates us to seek out new strains and products, many of which we would otherwise never look for, at dispensaries in a search to satisfy these expectations.

For years, cannabis experts and connoisseurs alike have debated the significance of strain genetics. Some believe they play a role in determining the potency and consistency of cannabis flower.

You might even familiar with the saying: Sativas keep you up, indicas put you “In-Da-Couch.”

But regardless of your opinion on cannabis types, plant genetics and their associated effects, one thing is for sure: the nuance of marijuana flower has been understood well by both critics and fans alike.

But what about edibles?

SPOT Edible Chocolates

An educated stoner might tell you that this type of question is irrelevant.

Your liver, which is responsible for breaking down THC in your body, cannot tell the difference between a sativa brownie or a hybrid cookie or an indica chocolate.

But the same goes for smoking flower, too. Just like our liver, our lungs cannot tell the difference between strains or strain types either!

The Story behind SPOT

Mark Abbott and Tim Moxey, the founders of Botanica Seattle (which include popular brands like SPOT, Journeyman, Mr. Moxey’s Mints and, recently, The Goodship) knew this fact, too, and saw a unique opportunity.

So four years ago, they decided to found Botanica Seattle and to find out if the same expectations that are inextricably tied to cannabis flower could be communicated for edibles.

And why not?

It had never been done before.

What is SPOT?

Since recreational cannabis became legal in Washington state in 2015, SPOT has been at the forefront of edible cannabis innovation.

They were the first edible brand to create strain-type specific edibles (sativa, hybrid and indica), the first to produce an infused brownie on the recreational market, and the first to create a CBD edible outside of the medical market.

Not only that, but all of SPOT’s products are made from the finest ingredients.

You won’t find any artificial flavors or colors or high-fructose corn syrup in their fruit chews or chocolates.

And they only use pesticide & fungicide-free flower in everything they concoct.

SPOT even goes above and beyond by sourcing all of their french couverture chocolate through direct trade, which mutually benefits both SPOT & the farmers that they partner with (for more info on direct trade, click here).

But Why Edibles?

Edibles are one of the most controlled ways to enjoy cannabis (not to mention the tastiest).

Yes, it is true: edibles take longer than smoking or vaping to take effect. Depending on your height, weight, metabolism, and a variety of other factors, the full effects can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to achieve.

SPOT Edibles Graph

But what edibles lack in speed, they make up for in consistency and duration. Generally speaking, edible highs ramp up smoothly and can last 4-5 hours (as opposed to smoking, where the high lasts only 1-2 hours.)

Not only are SPOT edibles long-lasting and consistent, they’re discreet, too! Which makes them the perfect cannabis companion for adventures, vacations, and arguments with loved ones. I mean, err … the holidays!

Cool Story, Bro. So, What Should I Try?

If you’re as stoked as we are about edibles, then you’ve got to try SPOT’s newest line-up of fruit chews and chocolates!

SPOT has expanded on their popular line of sativa, hybrid and indica fruit chews and chocolates, to include three new, experience-focused blends: Adventure, Vacation, and Levity.

SPOT Milk Chocolate & Fruit Chew Blends

Each unique blend includes strain-type specific flower as well as a unique THC:CBD profile (for more info on what CBD is and how to use it, click here).

SPOT Adventure Blend Fruit Chews & Chocolates

Adventure Blend

Made with only sativa cannabis and a touch of CBD for a clear and uplifting high, the Adventure blend is perfect for cannabis daredevils looking to put the fun in functional.

SPOT Vacation Blend Fruit Chews & Chocolates

Vacation Blend

Equal parts THC & CBD and made using only indica cannabis, the Vacation blend is designed for folks looking to unwind and take it easy. Its balanced 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD makes for a high that’s calm and relaxing.

SPOT Levity Blend Fruit Chews & Chocolates

Levity Blend

This CBD-dominant blend is great for folks looking for more of the calm and focused effects of CBD with less of the intoxication of THC. Made with only hybrid flower, the Levity blend is a great choice for first-time users and seasoned CBD fans alike.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop by either our Fremont or Redmond weed stores this week to stock up!