Top Blog Posts of 2018


by Christine Bryant, marketing director

The year 2018 was a wild ride for us here at Hashtag, and I’m sure your year in review has a similar assortment of highs, lows, and, most importantly, getting high.

Well, we here at your favorite dispensary spent most of 2018 learning even more about the plant we all love, and we have a panoply of blog posts to prove it. All published in 2018, here are the most popular, top five blogs we shared this past year.

5. CBD Hangover Remedies

by Jeff Eckenrode


Altering your state of mind from time to time is awesome! And whether you like to smoke a joint while taking a long walk, or share a few pints after work with an old friend, taking time to unwind and relax is an often overlooked but much needed part of everyday adult life.

But we know it can be easy to go overboard. Too often, an innocent attempt to meet up with friends for a “wee li’l drink” can morph into a Bacchanalian booze fest--leaving you tired, nauseous, and disoriented the morning after.

So how can you avoid getting a hangover? The simplest answer seems obvious: Drink less! But sometimes that isn’t an option. If you’ve ever taken one too many shots or sips only to find yourself sick to your stomach with a headache that just won't quit, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, there is a solution!

Cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) can help alleviate many of the symptoms of a hangover. (For more information on CBD, how it works and how to use it, click here.)

Lucky for you, your favorite Hashtag budtenders have done their homework (intentionally or not) and are eager to shed some light on the topic.

Read on here!


4. Save Sticky Budz

by Christine Bryant

Save Sticky Budz SM (1).png

Since 2014, recreational cannabis growers, processors, and retailers alike have operated under some of the strictest legal regulations in Washington state; and it's no small task! Enforcing and abiding by Washington's state, county, and city regulations requires integrity, transparency, and an incredible eye for detail. But recently, even cannabis companies that operate in compliance with these laws and regulations are at risk of going out of business. Even though the cannabis industry creates thousands of jobs in communities across Washington state, and contributes millions of dollars in tax revenue each year, some Washington counties and county commissioners fail to see the benefits and opportunities of legal cannabis and instead work against our industry’s existence in their counties.

On August 16, 2018, nearly four years after the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington state, “a Kittitas County Superior Court judge on Thursday gave Yakima County a green light to shut down cannabis grower and processor Sticky Budz, which has been operating in an unincorporated area despite a ban on such operations,” wrote Phil Ferolito in the Yakima Herald on August 16, 2018.

How can they do this? In 2012, Yakima County voters rejected the legalization of recreational marijuana, despite statewide approval. And, as Ferolito reported, “an advisory vote in November 2017 showed county voters had not changed their position, with more than 60 percent in support of upholding the ban.”

“We’re not going away — we’re going to fight as hard as we can to stay in business,” Sticky Budz CEO Jamie Muffett said. “After four years, they want to shut us down. It’s ridiculous.”

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3. The Mystery of Acapulco Gold

by Jeff Eckenrode


Every stoner, new and old, has heard of the sativa flower strain Acapulco Gold. It’s a strain that’s taken on a life entirely of its own. It is renowned throughout much of the world for its potency, its sweet, earthy flavors, and its unmistakably unique, almost psychedelic, effects. It has been featured in several movies (most notably Cheech & Chong’s timeless comedy Up In Smoke) and TV shows, and rumor has it that Acapulco Gold was delivered in the 1960s as a wedding gift to future Vice President Dan Quayle (or so the story goes).

But what makes Acapulco Gold larger than life? Over the years, its name has become synonymous with high-end cannabis and has been sought after by cannabis newbies, seasoned connoisseurs, and celebrity personalities alike (including the legendary Jack Nicholson). Perhaps the secret to Acapulco Gold’s success lies in its origins. In 1964, Acapulco Gold was officially defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a “special grade of cannabis growing in the vicinity of Acapulco.” Its name was perhaps inspired by the flower’s mix of brownish gold and green hues.

Learn all about this magical strain here.



Some things in life are better together. Strawberries and champagne, aged cheese and fine wine, Pop Rocks and Coke, you get the idea! And when you discover that two things you love are even better put together, the results can be absolutely life-changing.

What’s surprising to many smokers is that pot is no exception. In fact, blending high-CBD weed with your favorite high-THC strain can produce some of the best, most unique highs and effects found anywhere.  

But there are dozens, even hundreds of strains to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide where to begin.  So where should you begin?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. At Hashtag, we like to experiment and try things that are new.

Here is Hashtag’s guide to blending and a few of our favorites blends to help get you started.

What’s a Blend, and Why Should I Care?

Simply put, a blend is two, different types of weed mixed together. What’s more important is that  blending different strains with different types of cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) can bring out the best effects in both! (for the basics on CBD and its effects, click here.)

Blending high-CBD strains with high-THC strains is not only fun, it can produce a more enjoyable high than smoking a single strain by itself. Not to mention that some research suggests that CBD can counteract some of the unsettling aspects of a THC high.

Keep reading for Jeff’s recommended strains for blending!

carts batts.jpeg

Whether you're out for a date, rocking out at a show, or kicking it at home, vaporizing cartridges (or vape carts) are the perfect way to enjoy your weed while staying under-the-radar. But it seems like there are a million types of cartridges and batteries. And not all of them are compatible! So how do you find the right one?

No sweat, friend. Your favorite Hashtag budtenders have the answer! They’ve seen and used a lot of cutting-edge cartridges and batteries, and they can help you choose what battery and vape cart will treat you right.

Get the facts you need here.

What’s coming to our blog in 2019?

  • Updated information about all the cartridge types and vape batteries on the market today!

  • More interviews with growers and sneak peeks inside their facilities!

  • More gratuitous weed photos, I promise!

Stay tuned, and here’s to the best 2019 you could imagine!

Christine Bryant Cohen