Cartridges & Batteries: 4 Questions to ask your Budtender before you buy

Whether you're out for a date, rocking out at a show, or kicking it at home, vaporizing cartridges (or vape carts) are the perfect way to enjoy your weed while staying under-the-radar. But it seems like there are a million types of cartridges and batteries. And not all of them are compatible! So how do you find the right one?

No sweat, friend. Your favorite Hashtag budtenders have the answer! They’ve seen and used a lot of cutting-edge cartridges and batteries, and they can help you choose what battery and vape cart will treat you right.


Question 1: “Is It 5-10?” - Cartridge Threadings


Most of the cartridges available today screw onto a battery (like a nut screw onto a bolt). The most popular thread for cartridges is 5.10 (pronounced “Five-Ten”). That isn't to say that 5.10 cartridges are the only cartridge that you can buy. But they are available at most cannabis dispensaries, recreational cannabis shops, and smoke shops. Other more technologically advanced systems like the Pax Era are only available at licensed cannabis shops. So when you're picking out your first battery and cartridge, consider where you'll want to buy your next cartridge.


Question 2: “Glass or Poly?” - Cartridge Styles

Many people are under the impression that glass & metal cartridges (cartridges with metal mouthpieces & glass vessels) are always more reliable than polycarbonate cartridges (cartridges with plastic mouthpieces and plastic vessels). And although glass & metal cartridges are often built with more expensive parts and require more power to use, they are not always more reliable than poly carts.

So why would anyone buy a glass & metal cartridge? For a lot of reasons, dude! Particularly draw-speed and flavor. The aperture (or opening) in a metal mouthpiece is larger than that in a plastic mouthpiece (which means that each, delicious hit you take is bigger and gets you high faster). Plus, plastic tastes a lot like, well ... plastic. Metal mouthpieces have a cleaner & smoother draw. So upgrade your cart to a glass & metal!

Budtender Pro Tip: Buy a Pearl “Push-Button” battery. It works with every cartridge we sell!



Question 3: Half gram or Full gram?” - Cartridge Sizes

Half Gram Cartridge & Full Gram Cartridge.JPG

Take it from us, the differences between full-gram and half-gram cartridges are insignificant. However, that hasn't stopped rumors from spreading that full-gram cartridges are less reliable than half-gram cartridges. But the parts and materials that you will find in a full-gram cartridge are the exact same parts & materials that you will find in a half-gram cartridge. So, if you've found the strain that’s right for you, throw caution to the wind and buy a full-gram! You'll double your stash and enjoy every puff you take even more.


Question 4: “CO2 or Distillate?” - Concentrate Types

First, let's ask: what's CO2 oil? Simply put, CO2 oil is a concentrated form of cannabis that is activated (which means that, if you eat it, you will get high). Distillate is also a form of CO2 oil. However, it is a further refined form of CO2 oil (which means it contains less plant matter and flows more smoothly through a cartridge). So if you're an experienced cannabis user and love the good stuff, distillate is right for you! The hits are tasty, big and smooth. So if you haven't tried distillate vape carts, do yourself a favor and #TreatYourself. You'll be glad you did!

C02 v Distillate.jpg
Jeff Eckenrode