#MindBlenders: THC/CBD Blending and Why You Should Try It

Some things in life are better together. Strawberries and champagne, aged cheese and fine wine, Pop Rocks and Coke, you get the idea! And when you discover that two things you love are even better put together, the results can be absolutely life-changing.

What’s surprising to many smokers is that pot is no exception. In fact, blending high-CBD weed with your favorite high-THC strain can produce some of the best, most unique highs and effects found anywhere.  


But there are dozens, even hundreds of strains to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide where to begin.  So where should you begin?


Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. At Hashtag, we like to experiment and try things that are new.

Here is Hashtag’s guide to blending and a few of our favorites blends to help get you started:


What’s a Blend, and Why Should I Care?


Simply put, a blend is two, different types of weed mixed together. What’s more important is that  blending different strains with different types of cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) can bring out the best effects in both! (for the basics on CBD and its effects click here)

Blending high-CBD strains with high-THC strains is not only fun, it can produce a more enjoyable high than smoking a single strain by itself. Not to mention that some research suggests that CBD can counteract some of the unsettling aspects of a THC high.


Are some blends better than others?


Of course! Certain flavors and aromas are more pleasing together (like tropical fruit and mint) while some combinations can be down-right gross or remind us of cleaning products (like pine and lemon).

And just like cooking, different flavors (and effects) can go very well together. So get creative, and let your imagination run wild!


That’s cool, but I’m still lost. Can I get a little help?


Not to worry! Your friendly Hashtag budtenders have been blazing a trail for years to discover the newest and most exciting strain combinations possible. And they’ve found a few blends that will absolutely blow your mind!



Here are just a few of our favorites to help get you started:



Restless? Blend Raven Grass’ Blackberry Kush & Gilda

Hashtag Cannabis featuring Blackberry Kush indica and Gilda high CBD weed

High THC, indica-dominant strains like Raven Grass’ Blackberry Kush are a favorite for folks looking for a heavy, late-night smoke. So try combining it with Raven Grass’ Gilda. Its high-CBD content and relaxing body effects are calming and dreamy: perfect for people looking to get to rest and stay rested.

Need a Boost? Blend Puffin Farm’s Tangerine & CBD Yummy


Hashtag Cannabis featuring Puffin Farms CBD Yummy and Tangerine Weed Strains

After a long day at work, a little mood booster can go a long way. But if you’ve got a lot to accomplish and want to stay on the move, try blending Puffin Farm’s CBD Yummy with a buzzy sativa like Tangerine. The sweet, citrus notes mix perfectly with the herbal, tea aroma of CBD Yummy and is the perfect evening pick-me-up.  

Feeling Adventurous? Blend Sky High Garden’s Pineapple Chunk & Thunderstruck

Hashtag Cannabis featuring Sky High Gardens Thunderstruck High CBD flower and Pineapple Chunk weed strain


This staff-favorite is a tasty, goofy blend that will leave your mind and body feeling looser than melted taffy. Sky High Garden’s Pineapple Chunk is a one-of-a-kind Indica whose tropical, cheesy flavor and heavy body-effects will lead even seasoned smokers to leave their house keys in the freezer! Combining Pineapple Chunk with an earthy, high-CBD sativa like Thunderstruck can help combat the more sedative effects of Pineapple Chunk--keeping you red-eyed and bushy-tailed late into the night!

And those are just a few to get you started! So get to blending, and stop by our store soon to let us know what blends you think are best.