Living Soil: What It Is and Why It Matters

Simply put, weed is pretty! Ask any stoner about the first time they laid eyes on the mysterious plant: Most will recount long hours of their misspent youth gazing longingly at pictures in High Times or Dope magazine. The vibrant collage of tall and sinewy stalks juxtaposed against short, shrubby plants, even in print, can be a beautiful sight.

But rarely do folks take note of the soil right beneath the plant. A teeming microcosm of pint-sized plants and animals, a plant’s soil can vary just as much as the cannabis growing in it. And it is one of the most important factors in determining a plant’s overall health.

So what does good soil look like? And why should I even think about soil when I’m buying my weed?

Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. Your friendly Hashtag budtenders are happy to share their knowledge and expertise so you can tell the difference between the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Here are the basics for what you need to know about living soil to navigate the possibilities and find the newest, hottest strains you’ll fall absolutely in love with!



1. What is living soil?


In short, living soil is, well … alive! It may not appear so to the naked eye, but living soil is chock full of microbial life and fungi that break down organic materials into nutrients, making them accessible to a plant’s roots. (for more details, check out MerryJane’s article on living soil and how you can make your own!)


2. Why should I care?

Because you’re smart. And living soil can produce some exceptional pot! Just like apples or pumpkins, cannabis plants maximize their growth potential and grow big, tasty nugs when provided with the proper nutrients.

And like whiskey or fine wine, living soil gets better with age and produces healthier, better tasting buds over time. Living soil represents nature in its truest form: cooperative organisms working hard to build a dynamic and sustainable food web.

The result is not only bigger, tastier flowers for you but a reduced chemical and environmental footprint, which is something everyone can get behind!  


3. Sounds legit. So what should I try first?

That all depends on you! We’ve got a wide variety of brands that implement living soil practices for the flower they grow. And since every stoner is different, each person has a strain that’s just right for them!

Here are just a few of our budtenders’ favorites to help find the right bud for you:

Going for an adventure? Try Powder Hound from Lazy Bee Gardens!

This bubbly cross of Jack Herer and a mystery strain is a grower favorite and was made for powder-covered ski trips! This citrusy, piney strain evokes a focused, uplifting head high and is enough to motivate any couch potato to get up and moving.



Looking for inspiration? Try Cedar Black Haze from Kiona!

This one-of-a-kind triple cross of Colombian Black, ‘68 Pure Purple Commune Haze, and  Santa Marta Mota is one of the newest strains to hit Hashtag’s shelves and is quickly becoming a budtender favorite! Its citrusy, tropical flavors evoke a creative and euphoric head high, making it a terrific choice for any project: morning, noon or night.


Cedar Black Haze by Kiona based in Benton City, Washington

Want to unwind? Try Chaos Kush from Saints!

Saints’ Chaos Kush smells like parmesan crackers and tastes like pine cones! Referred to by many budtenders as “Mystical Forest Weed,” Chaos Kush is the perfect choice for cannabis connoisseurs looking to unwind, kick back, and smile as the world passes by. But be warned: Chaos Kush’s potent, tingling body effects can stimulate the appetite and lead unsuspecting users straight to the fridge or pantry.


Chaos Kush By Seattle Green Bud based in Georgetown, Washington

And that’s just the beginning! We’re adding new, living-soil grown strains to our shelves every week. So stop by our Fremont and Redmond locations to see what’s new!