The Best Stuff Under The Sun: Winners of the Inaugural 2018 Sun Cup

Lazy Bee Garden's 2018 Sun Cup Sungrown Weed Awards for Best THC Dab and Best CBD Concentrate

The Sun Cup, hosted once a year by the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association (WSIA), is a celebration of outdoor cannabis growing. This year, the WSIA invited outdoor marijuana farmers and processors from around the state to compete and to raise awareness of sustainable outdoor growing methods and the amazing quality of products that outdoor growers can produce.

On April 21st, dozens of growers, extractors, and cannabis industry professionals turned out to submit their entries and to compete in what became an incredible day of laughs, science talks, and, of course, weed!

But at the end of the day, only a handful of folks would take home the coveted Sun Cup. Lucky for you, many of this year’s top competitors can be found at your friendly neighborhood Hashtag!

Hashtag was proud to sponsor this inaugural event, and we are excited to offer one of the widest selections of sungrown brands in all of Seattle. So we’re happy to hear this year’s judges enjoyed these products as much as we do!

Luckily for you, you don’t have to wait to try any of this year’s winners!

Here are some of the winners of this year’s Sun Cup winners that you can find on our shelves at Hashtag.

Best CBD Cartridge, Best Full-Term THC Flower, & Best Full-Term CBD Flower - Puffin Farms

Puffin Farms 2018 Sun Cup winner Best Full-Term CBD Flower

Not once, twice … but three times! Puffin Farms won awards for Best Full-Term THC & CBD flower with their Hindu Kush & Remedy strains. A budtender favorite, Hindu Kush is a refreshing indica that coats the palate with piney, herbal notes. Remedy, one of Puffin’s prized high-CBD strains, wowed this year’s judges. Our staff loves this high-CBD, indica-leaning strain that has all of the herbal notes and none of the skunk.

Not only did Puffin’s flower impress the judges, but their CBD Cartridge, Dancehall, was a smash hit as well! Smooth and soothing, Puffin’s cartridges are some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Best CO2 Dab & CBD Concentrate - Lazy Bee Gardens

Lazy Bee Gardens CO2 Concentrate Tangie winner of Best CO2 Dap in 2018 Sun Cup

Lazy Bee’s Tangie CO2 syringe was a top pick for this year’s Sun Cup judges. Its heady and spacey effects, complimented by its smooth, tangerine aftertaste, is the perfect pick for festive occasions and Friday night shenanigans.

Lazy Bee also took home the gold with their Lilly CBD BHO crumble. Made with sungrown, Clean Green Certified weed, Lazy Bee’s concentrates are potent, bright and flavorful: What more could anyone ask for?

Best THC Cartridge - Olala


One of the newest and hottest products in our store, Olala’s Live Resin CO2 cartridges are a one-of-a-kind vape experience that you just have to see (and smoke) them to believe!

Olala uses only the freshest, finest sungrown flower to create unique and potent live resin concentrates that are portable, discreet, and refreshing, too.

Best Solventless Concentrate - Green Barn Farms

2018 Sun Cup winner Green Barn Farms Afghan Kush Hash Best Solventless Concentrate

Green Barn Farms’ Afghan Kush Hash is one of our most popular solventless concentrates that we carry. So it’s no surprise that it won Best Solventless concentrate in this year’s Sun Cup!

This indica-dominant hash packs a punch! Its heavy body effects come on slow and linger for hours. It’s the perfect choice for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs or for young couples looking to spice up their Netflix and Chill.

Best Aroma - Kiona

2018 Sun Cup Winner Best Aroma Ol' Mendo Hashplant

Last but certainly not least, Ol’ Mendo Hashplant perfectly demonstrated Kiona’s excellence in growing heirloom cannabis year at the 2018 Sun Cup. Ol’ Mendo, with its relaxing and giggly effects and its smooth smoke, is dark, flavorful and powerful. It’s the perfect strain for social events and lazy afternoon lounging in the sunshine!

So, next time you stop in at Hashtag in Fremont or Redmond, consider taking home one of this year’s 2018 Sun Cup winners. We know you won’t be disappointed!