Can Weed Help Your Well-Being? Ask The CPC!


By Christine Bryant

With fall comes cooler temperatures and the changing colors of leaves, but it could also bring you increasing aches and pains--not to mention that the gloom of Seattle grey skies can leave you feeling depressed or anxious.

If this rings true for you, then read along!

We recently sat down with Jeremy Kaufman, one of the founders of Seattle-based cannabis company The CPC, to explore the myriad of ways in which their cannabis products could benefit our daily life.

In their words, “the CPC exists to empower people on their journey to wellness. We support and sustain the important conversations about physical and mental health, happiness, diet, exercise, mindfulness, compassion, and connection.”

Ben (left) & Jeremy (Right) from The Center for Palliative Care (CPC)

CPC is one of our dispensary’s favorite wellness vendors because their tinctures, topcials, capsules, and caramels are precisely blended and dosed to promote our well-being.

Ten years ago, The CPC began as a medical marijuana collective and consulted with over 100,000 medical marijuana patients to develop treatment regimens for people living with acute and chronic health conditions. They’ve brought that decade of expertise to everyone over 21 in Washington state in weed shops like Hashtag.

In a few sentences, please tell us a little about yourself.

The core focus of CPC is whole-body health and wellness. Our products have been developed with a host of doctors, naturopaths, alternative medicine specialists, a whole variety of clinics, and cannabinoid researchers worldwide since we began in 2008 as a medical marijuana company.

What brought you to the cannabis industry?

We wanted to create products and a space for people suffering from serious health issues (such as opiate addiction, cancer, multiple sclerosis, manic depression, anxiety, and gastrointestinal tract issues) to learn about cannabis and to find wellness and healing.

CPC’s packaging comes in four different colors--blue, black, red, and peach. What can you tell us about your blue, black, red, and peach lines?

These colors represent the profiles we have worked out over the past decade that address the whole body in four parts. Each profile is a blend of multiple strains utilizing different extraction methods, which allows us to ensure the profile’s consistency from year to year and its maximized potency for the THC dose. These are our MINDful consumption profiles:

Muscle (Blue)

Inflammation (Black)

Nerve (Red)

Daily (Peach)

CPC Indica Caramels

Muscle: This profile was developed around Ben’s father, who was a veteran and had survived some of life’s harshest conditions. In addition, we developed this profile to benefit a large group of cancer patients with whom we worked during our years as a medical marijuana company. Our Muscle profile concentrate is comprised of a number of indica and hybrid strains.

CPC gel based topical

Inflammation: Over years of research, we found that inflammation was not only a side effect of a lot of issues that arise in life, but that it can actually be the cause of problems as well. So we worked with our patients to develop a profile that worked in between the Muscle and the Nerve profiles. This profile uses a host of balanced genetics.

CPC Sativa caramels

Nerve:  I broke my neck, and my lifelong nerve degenerative issues became the inspiration for this line. In addition, we found it works incredibly well for any other nerve-based issues. This profile utilizes a group of sativa-leaning hybrids.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 5.04.16 PM.png

Daily: After the other lines were produced, we kept getting asked to increase the CBD dosage without increasing the psychotropic effect of the dose, so we developed this line with a variety of genetics that were predominant in CBD.

What's your favorite CPC product?

An office favorite is our caramels. When there is a bowl of non-medicated ones sitting around, they don’t last more than a few hours.

Ben and Jeremy from The CPC (2)

What are you looking forward to most in the coming months?

We are truly excited about our new packaging due for release later this fall. We have been working on it for months and are currently in the final steps with the LCB to get it approved. It will much more clearly display the decade-worth of research, development, and innovation that goes into our products and cannabinoid profiles. And the rest of of our knowledge will be made available digitally!

Ben & Jeremy from The CPC (3)

We are completely revamping the digital side of our business. These new digital ventures will continue to facilitate our passion for community health and wellness, and they will allow us to connect so much more deeply with budtenders and with our customers.  [Check out the CPC Knowledge Center here!]

We are finishing up the redesign of the website, with a budtender community portal so budtenders can connect with us directly at any time. We have filmed dozens of hours of educational “shorts” to begin to share the wealth of knowledge and experience our organization has at its disposal. There will be community and health-based podcasts, behind the industry interviews, events, direct access to the minds behind CPC products for customers, budtender-requested educational content, and so much more.  

Thanks to Jeremy and CPC for their time, knowledge, and incredible product line!

You can find the CPC product line available at both Hashtag Cannabis locations.

Ask any of our knowledgeable budtenders for assistance to find the right product to start your personal exploration into the benefits of cannabis for wellness.

The CPC offers small trial sizes of most of their products, so you can see for yourself what effect each CPC product may have before committing to the full size or ten pack.