What are “Rare Cannabinoids”?

rare cannabinoids cannabis pot Seattle CBD

By Jeff Eckenrode

Most cannabis users are well aware of pot’s most famous molecule, Tetrahydrocannabinol Δ9 (or THC for short). And take it from us, we love THC, too!

But did you know that THC is only one of dozens of types of unique molecules that are produced by marijuana plants? Years of scientific research suggest that many of these naturally occurring and chemically-unique molecules, called cannabinoids, can have a measurable and significant impact on your high.

Take THC, for example. It is the principal intoxicating molecule found in cannabis. And although its intoxicating effects are well known, the scope of THC’s effects is often misunderstood. For instance, it may surprise you that the principal side of effect of THC is short-term memory loss. However, we know from experience that “getting high” is a complex and highly nuanced experience which can include a wide variety of effects, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So, what is a “rare cannabinoid”?

rare cannabinoids cannabis pot Seattle CBD

Simply put, a rare cannabinoid is any cannabinoid that is, well, rare! Meaning that, even under optimal growing conditions, a single cannabis plant can produce a limited amount of it--generally between 0.01% to 10%. These rare cannabinoids are much harder to produce than THC which, due to cannabis prohibition coupled with decades of selective breeding techniques, have pushed cannabis plants to produce THC contents in higher and higher quantities, often times over 20% or even 25%!

There could be hundreds of rare cannabinoids but, due to cannabis’ status as a Schedule I drug, only a few have been extensively researched. Here are just a handful of the varieties of cannabinoids that scientists have studied over the past decade.

Cannabigerol (CBG): The “granddaddy” cannabinoid


The most basic cannabinoid from which THC, CBD, and all other cannabinoids are formed. CBG can be cultivated from immature cannabis plants, and medical research indicates that CBG has been used to relieve intraocular eye pressure and muscle tension.

Cannabinerol (CBN): The “lights-out” cannabinoid


A particularly unique cannabinoid that can be produced by exposing THC and other cannabinoids to heat or oxygen. Research studies have shown that CBN can have sedative effects, even in small amounts.

Cannabidiol (CBD): The “non-intoxicating” cannabinoid

CBD Molecule.png

The soothing, calming cannabinoid that’s gained recent popularity for its non-intoxicating effects and its ability to counteract some of the more uncomfortable effects of THC (particularly anxiety). CBD’s effects and uses are varied depending on its use and concentration when used with THC. Generally speaking, CBD can produce a floating, “glowing” sensation throughout the body, leaving you relaxed and at ease.

Why should I care?

What’s most exciting about CBD, CBG, CBN, and other rare cannabinoids is that recent research suggests that rare cannabinoids, in concert with THC and terpenes (the aromatic molecules of cannabis and other plants), can be more effective than they are on their own (click here to learn more about the “Entourage Effect”).

That’s tight! What should I try first?

That all depends on you! At Hashtag, we carry a wide variety of products that are rich in rare cannabinoids.

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