4 Easy Steps to Find The Best Bud: A Visual Weed Buying Guide

Buying weed is exciting! But picking out what to buy can be a challenge. With so many products to choose from and growers to compare, the possibilities seem endless. So how do you make the best choice?

Many folks look towards the label for the answer, particularly THC content. And we think that’s great! But high THC strains are not for everybody. In fact, buying your weed based on THC content alone is a lot like buying alcohol for a party based on alcohol percentage: unless your friends love moonshine and multi-day hangovers, it’s a strategy that can prove disastrous.

But not to worry! Your favorite Hashtag budtenders have been there before. And over the years, they’ve perfected strategies to distinguish the good from the bad from the ugly.  

So to make the right choice, every time, here are the top 4 features you should look for when picking out your flower.


1. Size

Pot plants don’t fool around, and neither do their buds. Their goal is to get pollinated, so cannabis plants often put most of their energy (and growing power) into the top-most portion of the plant (called the “kola”). Here, you’ll find the tastiest and most potent buds that plant has to offer. So when choosing between big buds and small, go for the big ones. Sure, the stems of big buds may be larger, but trust us, these big buds are the belle of the ball!


2. Texture

Like wine and beer, pot has a shelf life. Over time, the moisture from even the finest flowers can decrease, which can make your bud dry, harsh, and virtually flavorless. So don’t be shy! Press lightly on the package, and listen closely. If the bud snaps, crackles or pops like a rice crispy treat, that’s a strong indicator that bud is past its prime.

EJ Bermese Kush.jpg

3. Color

Weed comes in a wide range of green, purple (and even pink!) hues. So when you inspect your weed, pay close attention to the shade of the bud. If it’s light and white, it may be sun-damaged. Sure, it’s smokeable, but THC, when exposed to heat, light, and time, can convert into another cannabinoid called Cannabiniol (or CBN) which, even in small quantities, can have heavy, sedative effects.

GLG + VV.jpg

4. Trichomes

So what’s a trichrome? Simply put, a trichome is a salty-looking structure that contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes (aromatic molecules) you’ll find in a cannabis flower. And the more trichomes, the merrier! So get up close and personal with your bud to see how many trichomes are present before you make your choice. If your flower looks like it took a salt bath, you’ve found a winner!

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