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#MindBlenders: THC/CBD Blending and Why You Should Try it


Some things in life are better together. Strawberries and champagne, aged cheese and fine wine, Pop Rocks and Coke, you get the idea! And when you discover that two things you love are even better put together, the results can be absolutely life-changing.

What’s surprising to many smokers is that pot is no exception. In fact, blending high-CBD weed with your favorite high-THC strain can produce some of the best, most unique highs and effects found anywhere.  


But there are dozens, even hundreds of strains to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide where to begin.  So where should you begin?


Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. At Hashtag, we like to experiment and try things that are new.

Here is Hashtag’s guide to blending and a few of our favorites blends to help get you started: ... READ MORE

What's CBD, and why should I care?


Let’s face it. Getting high is awesome! Whether you’re passing a joint among your friends, sharing an edible with a sweetheart or peacefully puffing on a vaporizer in the comfort of your own home, using cannabis can be a comfort as well as a way to have fun.


But for every mind-blowing, euphoric experience you’ll hear about or read about, there’s a downside. Almost every cannabis user you will meet will gladly recount a tale of when they ate just a bit too much or smoked just one too many bowls and found themselves “too high.”



So how can you avoid getting “too high”? The simplest answer seems obvious: use less! But sometimes that isn’t an option. If you’ve ever taken one last puff or one more bite only to find yourself way outside of your comfort zone then you’ll know exactly what I mean. Sound familiar? ... READ MORE

CBD Hangover Remedies


Altering your state of mind from time to time is awesome! And whether you like to smoke a joint while taking a long walk, or share a few pints after work with an old friend, taking time to unwind and relax is an often overlooked but much needed part of everyday adult life.

But we know it can be easy to go overboard. Too often, an innocent attempt to meet up with friends for a “wee li’l drink” can morph into a Bacchanalian booze fest--leaving you tired, nauseous, and disoriented the morning after.


So how can you avoid getting a hangover? The simplest answer seems obvious: Drink less! But sometimes that isn’t an option. If you’ve ever taken one too many shots or sips only to find yourself sick to your stomach with a headache that just won't quit, then you’ll know exactly what I mean... READ MORE