Concentrates 101

Does pot just not give you the same kick to the head that it used to do? Are you looking for a method of consumption that takes less time and less product, but still yields big effects and flavors?

Well then, perhaps cannabis concentrates are for you!

Cannabis concentrates can have over four times the amount of cannabinoids per gram as flower does. Concentrates are particularly unique because of their potency and strong, clear flavors. So if you’re looking for high-THC weed, try concentrates instead! Your neighborhood pot shop Hashtag has a wide variety to try and the budtenders who can teach you how to buy and consume this awesome product.

While most marijuana concentrates can top a bowl or infuse a joint, the most popular way to enjoy them is through “dabbing.” Dabbing involves heating a platform or “nail” to a super hot temperature with a torch, then applying the concentrate to the nail, and inhaling the vapor through a smoking device called a “dab rig.” Nails can be made of glass, quartz, ceramic or titanium.

There are many different types of concentrates, defined by solvent used (or lack thereof) for their extraction, and the texture that results after extraction is complete. The main players in the solvent game are hydrocarbons (butane and propane), supercritical CO2, and ethanol. Distillate is a further refined product of a solvent extraction. Solvent-free options are hash or rosin, made with physical processes like agitation, rubbing, sifting, and pressing. Textures can range from oily like Pearl’s distillate, to a grainy Lazy Bee crumble, to a stiff shatter from Rogue Raven.

Dabbing, while still relatively new, has quickly grown in popularity with stoners of all ages. A subculture within a subculture, dabbers are the kind of people that like to go to the extreme and experience the kinds of highs, flavors, and experiences that pot alone just cannot achieve. However, I advise newcomers to concentrates to start small, as just a little dab'll do ya, and a big hit for someone new to concentrates can be overwhelming.

The world of concentrates is full of nuance, opinions, preferences, and dubious information. In future posts, we’ll go more in-depth about the wonderful world of concentrates. And any time you have questions, visit us at Hashtag, your friendly dispensary in Fremont or Redmond!

Want to learn how to dab concentrates? Check out our video on how to dab!