Candyland: A Religious Experience


By DJ Rough


Sweetwater Farms is well known as a top quality cannabis grower in Washington State, cultivating craft cannabis much like a microbrewery would offer craft beer. Sweetwater achieves extraordinary terpene and cannabinoid profiles by giving their plants individual attention in small batches and growing directly in soil, with organic farming methods:

We believe plants were meant to grow and flourish the all-natural way by using nutrient-rich soil. Our soil is ‘grown’ using a proprietary, all-organic nutrient regimen that includes ingredients such as coral calcium, concentrated oceanic water and live microbial. As a result, our soil feeds our plants the way Mother Nature intended it to be. Our strong belief in the value of soil is reflected through our high terpene profiles and THC content.
— Sweetwater Farms

And their proffered network of strains is simply spectacular:

The core group of strains established for Sweetwater Farms have been strategically selected over the past several decades in the medicinal marijuana industry. Our goal was to narrow down the best of the best in regards to high terpene profiles and THC content within a variety of unique lineages. We feel this daunting task has been accomplished and take pride in offering the absolute premier line of cannabis varietals in the state of Washington.
— Sweetwater Farms

After Sweetwater Farms’ flower arrived in our Redmond and Fremont dispensaries, we quickly came to agree with this assessment--they really are offering the best of the best.

Shortly after their many strains became available for sale in our weed shop, however, we noticed a strange phenomenon occuring. Their Candyland strain was selling, and fast. Over and over, people came back to rant and rave about how this may be the best weed they’ve ever had. Flavor and cure on point, gorgeous labels, even more gorgeous flower--the list of accolades could go on and on for as long as I wanted to type.

As expected as it is to sell flower in a weed store, we couldn’t believe the frequency of customers returning to buy this particular strain. It was almost if people couldn’t resist the call of the purply nuggets and their orange hairs, as if they couldn’t draw their eyes from its splendor for the length of an afternoon.

I had to try it. After a morning shift (in which I must have sold close to an ounce of Candyland by myself), I picked up a gram. Purple, green, sparkling with trichomes and orange hairs, it almost guided me to the checkout line with a will of its own. I handed over the cash, threw my purchase in the trunk of my car (stay legal, everybody!), and drove home.

Candyland by Sweetwater Farms.JPG

Car parked, doors locked, and dog let out, I sat at my desk with the gram of Candyland. I savored the smell as I hungrily ripped apart the bag. An aroma from outside this galaxy greeted me sweetly, fondling my nostrils with delicate scents of blue cheese, sweet syrupy goodness, and a very lightly spiced rose. I was taken aback by the nugget which graced my presence, particularly by its extraordinary coloring. The deepest of purples run through this strain, accompanied by a lime green--nature’s way of displaying health and vitality in a cannabis plant. I thought I had arrived at bliss, but little did I know what was in my grinder awaiting me.

Once this strain has been through the grinder, it releases its full package of sugar, spice, and everything nice. The coloring of the broken-up nug is entrancing, a reason why I can see it is some people’s favorite strain for that visual appeal alone. Not able to wait any longer, I stuffed a rolling paper full of the stuff and started puffing away.

Genetically, this strain crosses Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, so one would expect that its effects would mirror an indica-dominant hybrid of similar parentage. However, immediately after taking the first hit, I noticed a distinct hazy feeling behind the eyes. It’s a feeling we all know and love, reminiscent of a classic sativa strain--strange enough as a beginning for what should be an indica hybrid strain, yet immensely enjoyable.  As the joint burns down, Candyland starts to release its full effect on the mind and body. The power struggle of the genetics starts to play on the mind with a comfortable yet intense cerebral stimulation. Creativity flows, and words pour out of the mouth with increasing ease. But there is a hidden part of the high that keeps itself stealthy until just after you think you’ve comprehended the feeling of it all. As we sometimes say in the industry, this one is a “creeper,” and even those experienced in the art of smoking can be taken by surprise at its building potency.

I realized that I had smoked just enough when I was startled by the fan in my house. I could’ve sworn it was pushing 10 times as much air as it normally does. I started noticing a relaxation in my limbs which, for a sativa strain, is unprecedented. I tried to water my tomato and basil plants, but for some reason, it was simply too funny for me to take the task seriously, so my wonderful partner took care of that chore for me.  Music and video games lifted me into the best mindset and mood that I had achieved the entire day, and I happily spent the last bit of my night smoking another bowl of Candyland and drifting into the gaming world of virtual reality, exploring endless possibilities promoted by the stimulation of this strain.

Needless to say, after my next shift, I was the proud owner of a couple eighths of the stuff.

After experiencing the strain for myself, I can see why it has developed a following almost religious in nature. If you’re interested in converting to Candylandism, come in to either of our recreational weed dispensaries to try it out for yourself.