Welcome to the wonderful world of legalized cannabis! Whether you're a newcomer, casual nughead, or cannabis connoisseur, you'll find the Washington State legalized cannabis market has something for everyone to enjoy. If you're not yet familiar with the many offerings of the legalized market, here's a break down of some products you can partake with:


The most familiar form of cannabis in the industry! You're looking at classic green buds, heavy with trichomes, ready for you to smoke, roll, or vaporize for your pleasure. This has long been the most popular form of cannabis consumption prior to legalization. However, it's not for everyone, and it' not the only way to get lit.


Edibles are the go-to choice for cannabis newbies and the health conscious. By consuming edibles, users are able to avoid the carcinogens that would be produced with smoke. Another consideration, for better or worse, is that edibles tend to affect people longer than a typical smoke session. However, with a variety of dosages and different types of snack options, there's something for everyone to enjoy. At Hashtag, you'll even find edibles that are heavy in CBD for customers who are looking for a more sedative, less psychoactive effect. 


For our seasoned stoners, we've got high potency concentrates from BHO, Rosins, Crumbles, Waxes, and discreet Vaporizer cartridges. These concentrates have 3x-4x the potency of their flower counterparts, and they're available in just as many strains and varieties.


The most common question a budtender gets is "Which strain has the highest percentage of THC?" and this question is the bane of every budtender's existence. When it comes to quality cannabis, the truth is hidden in the terpenes and the trichomes. What separates the value bud from the top shelf stuff is the amount of terpines and trichomes a strain produces, and those essential oils that grow naturally within the plant affect the type of high that you'll get from the strain. Do you like citrusy bud? Consider a strain with some Limonene terpenes. Are you more into that sweet taste? Look for strains that have myrcene in their terpene profile. The combination of the terpenes and THC produced in the plant create what's called The Entourage Effect, which is ultimately what makes up the overall high the strain provides. Keeping this tip in mind will elevate you to the next level of cannabis enjoyment.


(With a valid ID or passport if you're from out of country)

There's only one ticket needed for the ride when you first walk into the doors of a recreational cannabis shop: be prepared to show a valid ID, no matter how old you are or look, to the budtenders at the door or behind the counter. Once that ID is checked, you're ready to browse to your heart's content. And don't be afraid to pick a budtender's brain about questions you may have about any product, strain, or accessory. That's what we're here for. 

Be stoned, be safe.

Enjoy yourself!