Pax Era: Next Evolution in Portable Vaporizing

Why the Pax Era is the next evolution portable vaporizing

After trying a bevy of vaporizers on the market that make use proprietary technology, we're excited to add the Pax Era to our shelves to offer a high-tech and discreet option.

The Era is the only proprietary vaporizer to offer premium quality extracts with a battery that includes customizable heat settings in a small, simple, and sleekly designed package.

The Pax Era is a radical new approach to experience concentrates. Exclusively compatible with PAX Era Pods that last longer than traditional cartridges with the same amount of oil, the Era delivers a flavorful punch in a sleek design for the most satisfying vapor experience yet.  The Pods are composed of a 2mm double-ended silica wick, as well as a nichrome heater that provides consistent heat and prevents excess burning. The pods are built using food-grade plastics with a cotton batting to avoid condensation. The dual connectors on the bottom of the pods are made of gold-plated brass. The Era also makes use of Pax's smartphone app, Pax App. Pax App allows you to customize the temperature settings of your Era, as well as name your device, add security options, and more. 

Pax Era's specially designed pods snap right into the mouthpiece for easy loading and unloading. Each Pax Pod is labeled with the strain and the processor who extracted it. There's no need to screw anything on, and there's no glass or polycarbonate tanks to worry about.  There are no buttons on the Era, so once your Pod is loaded into the mouthpiece, all you have to do is sip it and you're ready for take off. Each draw you take will have a consistent amount of vapor. If you're a vaporizing connoisseur, you also have the ability to dial your temperature down to the degree, because the Pax Era also includes a phone app with customizable temperature settings and much more.

The Era won't be for everyone though. Folks who are looking for cartridges that will work universally with other vapor pens may be turned off by the Era's proprietary cartridges. While these pods are durable and they tend to last longer than your average cartridge, the pods are not refillable. There are also currently no distillate options offered within the variety of pods available, so until Pax addresses the demand for distillate concentrates, terpene enthusiasts will have to look elsewhere to find their fix.

Overall, the Pax Era is a compact, lightweight, fast acting, and convenient new vaporizer. The pods are unique and flavorful with a variety of strains. Whether you're looking for cerebral and heady Sativas, or you're looking to get couch locked with sedative Indicas, the Pax Era has a pod for you. Here in Washington State, Pax has partnered with Avitas to create high-quality extracts that come in Indica, Sativa and High CBD strains. The Pax Era and Pods are available in several states that have legalized the recreational sale and use of marijuana, including Colorado, and California. If you're looking to delve deeper into the world of weed and you aren't put off by proprietary technology, try a Pax Era for yourself and float into the next generation of vaporizing.