Hashtag's Staff Choose the Best Strains of 2018


by Jax Keating and Christine Bryant

The results are in! After much deliberation and two rounds of voting, our staff has nominated and then ranked their favorite strains of 2018.


Scroll down to view the five strains that garnered a honorable mention, and finally, our chosen favorites: the top 5 strains of over 200 sold by Hashtag in 2018.


And the honorable mentions for Best Strains of 2018, chosen by Hashtag’s staff, go to …

  • Saints, Lavender (available in flower)

  • Saints, Mimosa (available in flower)

  • Sweetwater Farms, Candyland (available in flower, prerolls, and concentrate)

  • Seattle’s Private Reserve, Forum-cut Girl Scout Cookies (available in flower)

  • Vashon Velvet, Cherry Pie (available in flower—in very limited quantities!)

And now, for the




Raven Grass, Dancing Queen


Blended and balanced

Available in prerolls and cartridges

Looking for a functional, uplifting high with the blended benefits of CBD? Dancing Queen from Raven Grass does just that with a unparalleled blend of two strains, the high-energy sativa Durban Poison and the proprietary, indica-leaning strain Gilda that’s high in CBD. They call it “disco nap” for good reason!

Why not take a disco nap with Dancing Queen?

Browse our online menus for Fremont and Redmond, and look for Raven Grass’s Dancing Queen in our Specials Menu. This special blend of two different strains is available only in prerolls and cartridges, and it’s sure to please!


Sweetwater Farms, Huckleberry Pie


Sweet and sexy

Available in flower, prerolls, and concentrate

Featuring strong sensual notes of berry and boasting the benefits of “sexy time,” need we say more? Sweetwater Farms crossed Blueberry and Cherry Pie to create this indica-leaning hybrid that’s high in myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene, sure to lend a mellow, euphoric high to your day.

Pick up some Huckleberry Pie for yourself!

Browse our online menus for Fremont and Redmond, and look for Sweetwater Farms’ Huckleberry Pie in our Specials Menu. This indica hybrid is delicious in flower, prerolls, and concentrate.


Lazy Bee Gardens, Powderhound


Fun and focused

Available in flower and prerolls

Developed for a fun-filled day of taking on the snowy slopes, this flower is uplifting, euphoric, & energetic. A full-bodied smoke with the aroma of fresh citrus and pine, Lazy Bee Gardens offers this Jack Herer x Mystery cross that came to them years ago. Grown in the sun of the beautiful Methow Valley, this outdoor sativa packs a sunshine-y punch!

Give some Powderhound a try!

Browse our online menus for Fremont and Redmond, and look for Lazy Bee Gardens’ Powderhound in our Specials Menu. Try it in flower or prerolls!


Pot of Gold, Orange Cream


Dreamy citrus wonderland

Available in flower and palm-leaf blunts

Characterized by citrus and sweet, fruity notes, this hybrid takes you off into a charming cerebral dreamland. Pot of Gold is so new and small, they have no website of their own—but you can read more about them in our blog post!

Pick up Pot of Gold’s Orange Cream for yourself!

Browse our online menus for Fremont and Redmond, and look for Pot of Gold’s Orange Cream in our Specials Menu. In flower and hand-rolled, palm-leaf blunts, it’s sure to please.


Plantworks, True OG


Relax to the max

Available in flower

REPEAT WINNER! So good, it’s back on our top 5 list for the 2nd year in a row! We love this sticky, stoney, frosty, heavy-hitting indica grown by Plantworks, a worked-owned craft cannabis microgrow in Seattle.

Chill all the way out with True OG!

Browse our online menus for Fremont and Redmond, and look for Plantworks’ True OG in our Specials Menu. This flower has to be smoked or vaped to be believed.

Pick up all of the Best Strains of 2018 for yourself!

Browse our online menus, and look for our Specials with BEST OF 2018 in their name. We hope you’ll love our favorites just as much as we do!

Christine Bryant Cohen