Sneak Peek inside Sky High Gardens


By DJ Rough, store manager of Hashtag Redmond


Animal Crackers, Pineapple Chunk, Alien Asshat, Bubblicious. 
If any of these names ring a bell, you’re probably already a fan of Sky High Gardens. For the uninitiated, Sky High Gardens is a top-tier flower producer in Washington state, cultivating some of the tastiest and well-cured cannabis on the market. They consistently impress with their stunning menu, quality, and attention to detail.


You can imagine our stokedness when Sky High’s CEO Phil Seda invited us on a tour of his facility. An opportunity to see the legendary Pineapple Chunk in all its growing glory? There are few things that sound more appealing than a sneak peek at one of Hashtag’s most popular vendors. 


Our intrepid crew adventured just south of Seattle, where we arrived upon a humble building with a delicious secret. Walking into the facility for the first time is somewhat startling; not knowing what to expect, we weren’t surprised to see that Phil’s operation is running smoothly with professionals at every level. A clever open-plan office space caps their facility with a clean, classy, and inviting feel. A far reach from the old days of sketchy back alley meetups, Sky High provides great evidence that they mean serious business as soon as you walk through the door. 


But we weren’t there to admire their floorplans ...

Their grow rooms are breathtaking. Wall to wall plants at every stage. They have a 16 day cycle, which means there’s never a week where they aren’t moving sticky, resin-coated, freshly clipped flowers into glass jars to cure. You can see everything from adorable little saplings in progress to fully flowered plants producing THC by the bud-load. It’s all a part of their perpetual harvest cycle, which ensures that Sky High Gardens flower will always be available from the farm.


The most impressive of these rooms was, to nobody’s surprise, the flowering room. Imagine a room that’s so full of bodacious plants, it becomes a massive challenge to move from one end of the room to the other without running into a few. Upon opening the door to this room, our olfactory senses were overwhelmed by a tsunami of terpene essence created by our favorite imbibables. 


Worth a special mention is their Pineapple Chunk. As a 6’5” tall human myself, it’s unusual for me to look up at plants, but the Chunk was obviously unabashed by its own height. Towering above my head at what must have been at least 6’6” tall, the colas of this plant seemingly glowed with a bioluminescence of its own underneath the bright lights, not to mention its ludicrous smell and obvious trichome coverage. 


After witnessing the startling grow rooms, Phil took us to the room where dreams are born. The room where any one of us reading this could sit and smile for endless hours if only we had the permission to enter.  The curing room. 


Volumes of large glass jars sit side by side, labeled carefully with exact specifications of what each jar contains. Everything in the room is bathed in green light as Phil flips on a carefully selected LED light strip (green light preserves the freshness of the jarred cannabis) and picks out a jar of Blue Dream from the shelf for us to inspect. 


If I could send smell through an article, you would currently be blasted by an insane bouquet of terpenes, herbs, and fruits. Only by experiencing for yourself the curing jar could you understand its potency ... Blue Dream smells like a concoction of pine, lemon, pepper, lavender, and clove. Another jar revealed Colorado Kush and its entirely different mixture of scents, equally potent, yet less cutting and more earthy. These smells, powered by terpenes, is what sets Sky High Gardens apart from the rest. 


We ended our tour in Phil’s office space, where he answered all the questions that we had thought up during our stroll through Wonderland, and sent us on our way more eager than ever to share our love of Sky High. 


Browse all the beautiful flower, prerolls, and concentrates that we carry from Sky High Gardens below! And you can pick up two of our very favorite Sky High strains, Alien Asshat and Pineapple Chunk, at 20% off this week in flower and prerolls, this Thursday, July 25 through Monday, July 29, 2019.

Nathan Gallagher