Visiting your favorite, friendly, neighborhood pot shop is exciting! With dozens of strains and hundreds of products to choose from the possibilities seem limitless. But that can make choosing the right strain for the right moment tricky.

Lucky for you, the fine folks at Hashtag have been hard at work! Our Budtenders have dedicated countless hours of their time to tirelessly “research” every cannabis strain from here to Amsterdam. We’ve smoked, vaped, voted and giggled ourselves silly to find the very best buds that Washington has to offer (so you don’t have to!)

And the results are in! Here are Hashtag’s top 5 strains of 2017!


5. Silver Tip by Raven Grass

This mellow hybrid is a staff favorite! It’s relaxing and spacey effects, complemented by its smooth and minty aftertaste, is the perfect pick for festive occasions and Friday night shenanigans. It’s creative, dark and flavorful: what more could you ask for?


4. Sweet Zen by Sweetwater Farms

This Indica-dominant hybrid is the perfect choice for aspiring yogis and mountain-climbing daredevils alike. The buds burst with sweet berry notes and coat the palate with a spicy, herbal finish. Its effects may come on slow but it will leave you calm, focused and ready for adventure!


3. Sunny D by Seattle Green Bud

This sour & fruity Sativa hybrid is the perfect companion for creative souls. Its mellow & uplifting effects will bring a smile to your face even with the rainiest of days!


2. True OG by Plantworks

This popular Indica-dominant strain was originally discovered in Southern California where the term “OG” originally meant “ocean-grown”. Its heavy body effects come on slow and are accompanied by a clear and uplifting head high. It’s the perfect choice for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs or young couples looking to Netflix and Chill.


1. MK Ultra by Avitas

Our final and top strain of the year! MK Ultra by Avitas is a powerhouse Indica hybrid that’s packed full of funky and floral flavors. Its heavy body effects come on quick: shutting down the mind into utter relaxation. Whether you’re new to cannabis or have enjoyed it for years, MK Ultra is a one-of-a-kind strain that you just have to see (and smoke) to believe!