Get to Know Pot of Gold

Some flower just makes you stop in your tracks, it’s so covered in trichomes and kief, so purple and dank, so tendriled with orange hairs. Pot of Gold grows that kind of weed! They’re well-known in our stores as a top, top, top-tier grower of just a few strains of flower, and now, also a hand-roller of palm leaf blunts.

We recently sat down with Jon Rothenberg, one of the founders of Pot of Gold, to ask about their company history, their growing methods, and what they’re excited about in the future.

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Christine Bryant Cohen
Cannabis Topicals 101

Winter is almost here, folks. Short, chilly days and long, cold nights will once again become the norm in the Pacific Northwest. But along with the quiet beauty that winter yields, so too come the return of familiar aches and pains of old injuries and weary joints. And though many of us are prepared to face looming end-of-the-year-deadlines, the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, and long-distance travel plans, the search for relief to these same old aches and pains can seem endlessly complex.

You might have even asked yourself: Is there something, anything, that can help ease the discomfort of the winter season?

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Jeff Eckenrode
DIY Stoney Apple Pie

Warm tones, cooler weather, cozy sweaters--fall is finally here! The arrival of autumn is often accompanied by that all-too-familiar stress of looming holiday parties and social gatherings. Sure, you could bring another store-bought, pre-packaged treat to your Friendsgiving party this year, but why not wow your stoner friends with a dessert they’ll remember (or forget, depending on how potent you want it!)?

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Christine Bryant Cohen
Edibles that hit the right SPOT

Regardless of your opinion on cannabis types, plant genetics and their associated effects, one thing is for sure: the nuance of cannabis flower has been communicated loud and clear.

But what about edibles?

An educated stoner might tell you that the question is irrelevant. That your liver, which is responsible for breaking down THC in your body, cannot tell the difference between a Sativa brownie or a Hybrid cookie or an Indica chocolate.

But the same goes for smoking flower.

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Can Weed Help Your Well-Being? Ask The CPC!

With fall comes cooler temperatures and the changing colors of leaves, but it could also bring you increasing aches and pains--not to mention that the gloom of Seattle grey skies can leave you feeling depressed or anxious. If this rings true for you, then read along! We recently sat down with Jeremy Kaufman, one of the founders of Seattle-based cannabis company The CPC, to explore the myriad of ways in which their cannabis products could benefit our daily life.

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Binge While Baked: Netflix Edition

You’re finally home from the dispensary, you’ve just taken a fat rip from the bong, and you’re ready to settle down with a new show to binge, huh? We know what it’s like to be so high that even the Select Profile screen on Netflix can seem like a daunting choice to make, which is why we’ve curated this excellent spoiler-free list of binge-worthy original programming. So, take another rip, and let this sweet, sweet guide help you find the perfect Netflix series to binge.

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Top 3 Tour Weed Memories

As a long-practicing weed smoker, nothing seems to smooth over the anxiety of meeting hundreds of new people a week like a nice J after a show.  In recent years, some state legislation has blessed us with dispensary pit stops for our weed fix (Colorado! California!), but most places still feel like the Wild West in that regard. I have been touring in bands for over a decade now, and I have had some pretty weird/dire/embarrassing hunts and experiences looking for chronic.

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The Science and Art of Judging Cannabis: Introducing Evergreen Cup Winner, Seattle’s Private Reserve

There isn’t anything quite so exciting as waiting for someone to bring you gifts, especially gifts of cannabis. It was a warm summer day when I was handed 11 samples of weed, camouflaged with animal code names in an effort to eliminate bias. You see, I had the great fortune to be asked to serve as a judge for the inaugural Evergreen Cup, the Pacific Northwest’s first ever anonymous grower’s competition.

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Candyland: A Religious Experience

Sweetwater Farms is well known as a top quality cannabis grower in Washington State, cultivating craft cannabis much like a microbrewery would offer craft beer. Sweetwater achieves extraordinary terpene and cannabinoid profiles by giving their plants individual attention in small batches and growing directly in soil, with organic farming methods:

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Sneak Peek Inside Gold Leaf Gardens

When you ask a Hashtag budtender, “What’s the best thing in the store?” our answer is, very often, “Gold Leaf.” We are all a bit obsessed with their flower, Diamond Tip infused joints, and rosin and ice wax. Gold Leaf’s gardeners use no pesticides at all in their indoor growing facility—which is very unusual for an indoor grow operation—and their fixation on quality is legendary in the medical marijuana community, where they began growing and selling twelve years ago.

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Willie Nelson Loves Cannabis, and So Do We, Especially Laughing Man’s Purple Punch

Why does Willie Nelson embrace cannabis? When Nelson gets stoned, it’s not recreational use, he says in an 2016 interview with The Cannabist: “It’s medicine, and it’s already been proven to be medicine. End of story.” Cannabis cures what ails him, Nelson says, and it also keeps him from getting into the trouble he used to get into with beer and whiskey and cigarettes.

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Top 5 Sugar-Free & Low-Carb Edibles

Edibles are awesome! Tasty, sweet, tart, or crunchy… no matter what form they take, edibles are a fun (and discreet) way to get loose and have a good time.

But what if you’re trying to lose weight? Or if your diet doesn’t allow you to eat foods that are high in sugar?

Not to worry, you’re not alone. A lot of the budtenders at Hashtag have dietary restrictions just like you. But we don’t let it keep us from having a good time!

In fact, Hashtag carries a wide variety of low-carb and sugar-free edibles.

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#NewHotness at Hashtag

Summer is here, and it’s time to break out the shades, soak in some rays, and get outside to enjoy this beautiful weather! Your favorite budtenders at Hashtag have been working tirelessly to find our favorite strains to pair with that glowing giant orb in the sky.  Whether you prefer napping in the shade or cannonballing into your favorite lake, Hashtag has you covered with that #NewHotness to pair perfectly with your summer vibes.

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Concentrates 102

Following our initial course on cannabis concentrates: Concentrates 101, we dipped some toes into the various kinds of products offered in our shop.

And you might’ve had various strains of marijuana in your travels and now you’re looking for deeper, thicker clouds coming from little pungent packed nugs. Intensely thicker highs ranging in consistencies from runny honey to soupy terps, sugary wax, shatter dabs, and hash. Confused in any sense?

We’ve got you covered in: Concentrates 102!

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Baby Boomers, Seniors, and Pot Shops: Frequently Asked Questions

Whether this is the first time in your life that you’ve wanted to try marijuana, or if you’re in your fourth, fifth, or sixth decade of smoking weed, Hashtag's budtenders, in Fremont and Redmond, love their cannabis and would love to meet you too.

So, where do you start? Here are the most popular questions we hear from baby boomers and seniors!

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