What's In Your Stash?

marijuana collection

By Jeff Eckenrode

Budtenders are the gatekeepers to the magical land of cannabis. But do you ever stop to wonder what they’re smoking on?

If you have, then you’re in luck. We poked and prodded a few members of our staff to find out what’s in their stash!

Colin's Pick - Chaos Kush by Saints

Chaos Kush from Saints

Colin’s favorite is the Chaos Kush by Seattle Green Bud for reading graphic novels and playing video games. He recommends this strain to people seeking out an extremely heavy indica!

Tyler's Pick - CCell CO2 Cartridges by Pearl Extracts

Tyler loves the new CCELL vape cartridges from Pearl Extracts, specifically the Lilly CBD and the Guerilla Gold hybrid cartridges.

CCell photo.jpg

“Lilly is best for those looking for a relaxing time that comes with focus and a soothing calming effect, ideal to assist with disarming anxiety, while Guerilla Gold is an uplifting trail-mix of euphoria for those looking for a calmer body high while also stimulating the mind.” Tyler often finds socializing comes easier, playing video games becomes more fun, and loves to fool around with instruments while smoking these strains.

DJ's Pick - Ripped Bubba by Washington Bud Co.

Ripped Bubba.jpg

DJ loves to take Ripped Bubba by Washington Bud Co. hikes or when he’s writing music. “I’d recommend this strain to anybody who enjoys potent pot, but struggles with feeling anxiety from smoking. This strain seems to circumvent the familiar feelings of anxiety in lieu of more body relaxation and mental stimulation.”

Jeff's Pick - Acapulco Gold from Western Cultured

Acapulco Gold by Western Cultured

Acapulco Gold from Western Cultured has been Jeff’s go-to! “Whether I'm taking a moment to relax after work or hanging out with my friends on a Friday night, Acapulco Gold is smooth, tasty and uplifting. Just the boost I need to get out and have fun! It's my go to for Friday night BBQs, climbing trips and runs with my dog, Nessy.”

Christine's Pick - Deeper Sleep Capsules by Fairwinds

Christine is obsessed with Fairwinds Manufacturing’s Deeper Sleep capsules! “They're my favorite wellness edible product that we sell for sleep because they work really, really well for me. The combination of THC, CBD, and herbal support helps me calm my nervous system after a hectic day, and the CBD ratio delivers the anti-inflammatory dosage that I need to manage my chronic pain while I sleep.”

“I take one of these after I get home from a night shift managing our Fremont store, watch a few episodes of The Office, and feel my whole body relax for bed and a great night's sleep. Then I wake up refreshed and ready to go!”

Deeper Sleep Capsules by Fairwinds

“I recommend this product to anyone who struggles with insomnia, for any reason. I find it helpful to ease me into sleep and to keep me asleep throughout the night, without a hung over feeling after eight hours. The whole line of Fairwinds Deep Sleep tincture, cartridge, and capsules have all worked well for me, and I say that as someone who took prescription sleep aids for many years and no longer has to.”

Jerina's Pick - Cookie Dough by American Baked Co. 

Cookie Dough by American Baked Co.

Our co-owner, Jerina, cannot stop talking about the new no-bake-necessary cookie dough from American Baked Company! With both Jerina’s favorite, birthday cake sprinkles, and traditional chocolate chip cookie dough, you’re sure to zone out with her favorites too, including: Planet Earth and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

And that's only the start!

Stop by Hashtag in Fremont or Redmond next time you're looking for you're new favorite.