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September 11, 2019

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Mari S. on 8/3/2018

I can't believe I am reviewing a 'weed store', but I need to share with other 'old ladies'. I have tried everything to help get to sleep and stay asleep - those that work (prescriptions) leave me tired and loopy the next day.

CBD oil was recommended, so I did some research on products and retailers, and went to Uncle Ike’s on 15th for an education on CBD, THC, and what would be the best product for me to try. The dudes (intentionally descriptive) were not much help.

I then tried American Mary. Danielle (?) was great, respectful - I tried the one tincture which did seem to help, but when I returned, they were out of sleep products. Low inventory.

Off to Hashtag. I felt very comfortable walking in - no 'bouncer' asking for ID, no 'stoners' hanging out. Nice retail space, and I was one of three women 'over a certain age' all looking for help with sleep. I felt like I was at Pharmaca. Katie was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

Michelangelo S. on 8/17/2018

Cannabis Tinctures Bring Mom Deep Sleep Relief


Mom's been plagued with a host of pain and sleep issues (the first no doubt leading to the second).  I spent some time researching the local cannabis vendors in the Greater Seattle Area to see if we could find an alternative for her, and this brought us to Hashtag.


Hashtag Seattle (aka, a very clever #Hashtag) provided a variety of tincture options.  Their "Green Revolution" line is ultra pure Cannabis Oils from full-flower, stem, inner bark and roots using CO2 and organic alcohol extraction methods.  

The tinctures are sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, no dyes. They are stated to be made with sun grown, pesticide free cannabis - water soluble - that mom could drink dissolved in water, tea or coffee, or even applied directly under her tongue (her preference it appears).

Never having gone this route before, I bought one (1) of each of two (2) different options that seemed to be an ideal remedy for her ails, both in tincture-form providing for a planned 20 dosages from each bottle with its own attached dropper.

* Green Revolution - "Beauty Sleep" Tincture - $39 (80mg-THC; 40mg-CBD; 20mg-CBN); and,

* Green Revolution - "Deep Sleep" Tincture - $59 (200mg-CBD; 100mg-THC)

We monitored her sleep patterns after taking only a half dose of "Beauty Sleep" the first night, and then a half dose of "Deep Sleep".  The Deep Sleep half dose appeared to provide a deeper sleep (no surprise), but both relieved her ancillary pains.


One of the best birthday gifts I was able to buy my mom.

Thanks to Cannabess for capturing our Guided Shopping program!

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