Can marijuana be grown organically?

We’re all used to seeing organic foods in the grocery store. But what if you want cannabis that was grown organically? Is that available?

The answer is “sort of.” For food to be organic officially, it gets an organic certification that comes from federal standards. Since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, the government can’t exactly come inspect a cannabis farm and approve it.

Enter Clean Green.

“The Clean Green Certification Program is a qualified third party non-conflicted agricultural certification program that supports sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Products licensed to carry the CGC logo have been reviewed by our staff using National and International standards for quality and sustainability. Clean Green review staff follow the recent guidelines of the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency for pesticide use on cannabis. These products have been evaluated to meet high product and ingredient quality standards.”

Cannabis from Green Barn Farms, for example, is certified through clean green agricultural certifications. We here at #hashtag support the movement to keep our cannabis as clean and safe as possible. Green Barn Farms is available here at @seattlehashtag for very reasonable prices available in both indica and sativa.

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