All About Edibles


When it comes to cannabis infused edibles, your choices go far beyond brownies these days. Whether you are trying cookies, lozenges, syrup elixirs, honey, tea, or truffles, here are some things you should know:

What’s a typical dosage of marijuana in edibles?

Edibles typically have 5mg or 10mg of THC per serving, though we recommend going slow. Try half of a 10mg cookie and wait 1.5 hours before eating more. It’s easy to eat too much too quickly.

Are edibles made with indicas or sativas?

Once cooked, it doesn’t much matter where the THC came from. You’ll feel about the same effect. Because of this, most edibles don’t report whether they used indicas or sativas. Depending on how it’s infused, cannasseurs do report subtle differences with some products such as Spot Cookies.


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